Auto Discounts Applicable When Getting A New Policy or Car

March 11, 2019


While you debate between options, you may hear from ads or agents about certain auto discounts you can get. Some of these apply if you stay with your current company, while others incentivize you to switch. There are three main ones to know about.

Early Shopper Discount

The first discount is one some insurers offer for having the policy start (effective date) at least a week from when you pay. If you can arrange it, have this date starting at least a week from now when you fill out the application for a quote. If an insurer offers it, this “early shopper” discount should appear in the quoted price you get back.

Switching to New Insurer Discount

Another common discount is one many insurers offer for switching from another company to theirs. Often referred to as a “multi-vehicle” discount. Keep in mind, these two discounts fall off over time, so make sure the savings are significant enough to justify the switch. Otherwise, you may pay more in the long run.

Multi-vehicle Discount

This discount applies to both your current insurer, or any new company you go with. You only get it if you have more than one vehicle on the policy, so if you are replacing your old car instead of adding to your collection, it will not apply.

Discount Calculator

If you live in AZ, CA, CO, FL, GA, NE, NY, PA, or TX, this discount tool will tell you which companies offer the most discounts for your situation. Technical note: with auto policies, discounts apply only to the coverages related to them. So a safe driving discount may apply to your collision coverage, but not your comprehensive. This is because your sterling driving record has nothing to do with the risks that comprehensive coverage covers.

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